The lost wax process

"The lost wax process begins after the moldmaker has made a piece mold from my original and removed the wax. I clean it up by removing the seam lines left by his mold, unless I prefer to leave them in the final bronze; I may modify the surface of the wax by texturing or smoothening it, by adding, refining or eliminating details; I may drastically change entire sections if I so desire. All this is done with heated metal tools, spatulas, rasps or knives of various shapes. My next visit to the foundry occurs when the finishing department has ... welded the pieces together. ... At this point I often smooth a surface with files and abrasives, or I may hammer others, and use a variety of metal-worker tools to define forms. One may want to give the work patina with certain chemicals or leave it fresh and untouched with a character of its own."


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