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A dog strains to balance on the edges of a burning table, and below bronze flames lick the air. How do we come to terms with the precariousness of mortal life?

Dog on Burning Table

Natural History IV, bronze

A man struggles to carry a huge fish, conflating the mythological symbols of Atlas carrying the burden of the world, the biblical narrative of Jonah as a symbol of resurrection, and the natural history vision of mammals evolving out of fish.

Natural History III

A minimal, more abstract rendering of the same idea.
From one view, a famished dog clenching a knife in its teeth-- from another, a combined loaf and fish. This subtle meditation is presented on a table, like a meal.

Feast or Famine

TitleMedium Size
Dog on Burning TableBronze67x24x24"
Natural History IVBronze20x18x10"
Natural History IIIBronze12x14x12"

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