The Elbert Weinberg Prize

The Elbert Weinberg Prize is awarded from time to time to recipients who demonstrate excellence in Weinberg’s mediums of graphic and plastic expression, as well to artists who have demonstrated a refined aesthetic sensibility in other media.

The prize was created in memory of Elbert Weinberg, a Prix de Rome-winning sculptor.

The Elbert Weinberg Prize for Excellence in Drawing and Painting
Awarded to Lisa Wagner

Lisa Wagner, a fine artist working in charcoal, watercolor, and oil, has won an Elbert Weinberg Prize for her work in painting and drawing.

"Brothers of Christ--Soviet Union"
"Brothers of Christ--Rwanda"
From a series of 22 drawings, 

  White charcoal on brown paper


"A Little Bit of Happiness"  Oil on linen, 18 x 24"


"Inner Silence" Oil on linen, 24 x 30"

Art for me is a language--a subtle tool with which I can explore the meaning of my relationship with myself and with the world. I paint the ambiguity of the relationships with ourselves and others. We live under a veil of deceptive appearances, where almost nothing is what it seems to be and few intentions are pure. A moment of beauty and order within myself, or with another, is a treasure. Often I portray these themes in the relationship between things— investing fruits, flowers, or ordinary objects of everyday life with their own individuality, and letting them tell their story.

The power of beauty is primary for me. No matter how serious my theme, I cannot but express it through the ravishing effects of light, color and form in the physical realm.

I have always been drawn to techniques that capture luminosity. I like to build up multiple layers of translucent watercolor, and to explore the old master oil glazing technique where many delicate layers of paint create jewel-like tones. Often when I draw I use only white charcoal on dark paper, so that the ground creates the shadow, and the drawing is finally composed only of light..

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Elbert Weinberg Prize for Excellence in Sculpture, Drawing, and Landscape Architecture
Awarded to Peter Bochenek


Peter Bochenek, sculptor, graphic artist and landscape architect, has won an Elbert Weinberg Prize for his work in sculpture and drawing.


"The Queen"

In addition to Bochenek’s work in the plastic arts, Harold Lindenthal, trustee of the Weinberg Turst, stated that the Trust took into consideration “the profoundly meditative landscapes and gardens that Bochenek has created in the Hamptons, the San Francisco Bay Area and in North Carolina. It is rare that someone excels in all three art forms."

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